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Frontline Defense Systems is the leader in full length interlocking astragals, ranging from 82" to 95". Repairing property damage after a break in can be expensive. The down time for your business as it gets back to operations is further harming your bottom line. Don’t wait until this happens to you. Take action.

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Frontline Defense Systems

Your First Line of Defense

Deter Break Ins: Don't be an easy target
Create Safer Buildings: Lower tenant turn by creating a safe building
Save Money: Install protection before loss happens
Simple Install: Simple to install with effective results

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Options for every door

Frontline Defense has created many styles and finishes to meet your protection needs.

1001-Outswing Aluminum

1002-Outswing White

1003-Outswing Brown

3001-Inswing Aluminum

3003-Inswing Brown

2301-Outswing Deep Throat

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