Here you can find answers to any number of questions you may have.

Call KDL if your question is still not answered here.

Q: When may I purchase products?

A:  We will present products each week under the WEEK tab, those specific items must be purchased that week in order to receive the listed pricing.

Q: What if I have a question about a specific product?

A: The sales team at KDL is more than happy to answer any questions you have. You can also reach out to the knowledgeable factory and sales reps we have available. Contact info is located at the bottom of their respective Show Booth.

Q: I want to pick-up an order from KDL, is your Will Call open?

A: The Will Call inside is closed but we want to keep pick-ups possible for you. Orders must be called in ahead of time (along with payment), upon arrival knock on the Will Call door and one of our warehouse workers will bring you out your order through the loading dock bay doors.
*Masks advised but not required*

Q: Do I have to call KDL to get these great prices?

A: No. These amazing deals are all accessible through the KDL online catalog found at kdlhardware.com

Q: I clicked "See Pricing" and was directed to the KDL online catalog but I cannot see my cost.

A: You must be logged into the KDL online catalog to see your cost. If you do not have a log in or lost it call KDL for help.

Q: How do I get entered to win the drawings?

A: You must register your shop, business, or entity at our "Registration Booth". Once registered you are entered into the grand prize drawing, lunch drawings and eligible to win other prizes!

Q: How do I get entries for prizes?

A: Prizes correspond with manufacturers products. When buying "X" amount of product one receives a single entry into the drawing for that manufacturer. Details for specific prizes can be found under the "Prizes" tab and at the bottom of the Show Booths. Drawings will take place November 5th.

Q: When is the next KDL trade show?

A: May 15, 2021. Mark your calendars today!
KDL will present our trade show in traditional fashion at the exquisite Port of Seattle Conference Center inside the main lobby of Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.